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LifeDance International

LifeDance Workshop: Being the best version of yourself

LifeDance is transformative - dance and movement

that will inspire you to better define yourself.

With workshops and lectures, you’ll come to realize

enhanced fulfillment in all aspects of your life.


LifeDance is a process – both collaborative and interactive.


LifeDance provides you with tools - to motivate and inspire you in making life-changing decisions, and making them confidently.


LifeDance empowers you in every aspect of your life - as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a sister, and a co-worker. You will emerge anew, with a newfound passion for life at home, at work, and in your community. 


LifeDance is an innovative dance and movement program that stimulates your creativity and inspires you to better define your unique self.


LifeDance is transformative – it’s an essential component that engenders success, achievement, and fulfillment.


LifeDance provides the stepping-stones for women who want to BE better and DO better in their lives.


LifeDance will delve deeply into your core - it will dig deep into emotions, and expose your inner strength and passion.

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At LifeDance, you’ll uncover your inner strength and express your passion.

You’ll discover your best self and make life decisions with more confidence.

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My name is Shira Robbins - I’m the creator and founder of LifeDance. I’ve been dancing all my life. I started in ballet, continued into modern dance, and even did some jazz.


I danced every day with amazing passion and commitment. At age 18, I went into the Israeli army and put the world of dancing aside. Like my generation, I got married and had children.


Several years ago, I divorced and felt my world collapsing. To feel alive and happy again, I went back to dance. It simply saved my life! I then realized that other women could benefit.


Sadly, non-professional dancers have few dance programs available where they can just dance and let it all out. So, I created LifeDance – for “lay” women of all ages and all backgrounds.



LifeDance: Being the best version of yourself.

About Shira

Shira Cohen

Communication Disorders Therapist

Ph.D. candidate

and faculty member

Tel Aviv University

In my Ph.D. research, I investigate a variety of learning processes unconscious to the learner. I also experienced LifeDance for almost nine years. As a dancer, I experienced an intensive learning process of the relationship between body, mind, and soul through varying techniques and rhythms. As a researcher, I can identify the influence of the dancing experience in clarified nonverbal communication, creativity, and flexibility in problem-solving and high order learning of complex ideas (in the clinic as well as in theoretical discussions). These effects demonstrate in real life the findings from many studies showing the positive effect of the dance on the brain and the mind. The special dancing method in LifeDance provides the perfect combination of learning repeated dance routines with improvisation exercises.                    




Is LifeDance an ongoing workshop program?

If you want to continue in the LifeDance program, there will be weekly sessions in your region. Once we have certified instructors in place, there will be ongoing programs.


How does LifeDance differ from other popular dance and fitness programs?

LifeDance isn’t about losing weight or building muscle like so many other programs. It’s an interactive dance and movement process designed to inspire and empower. It’s about better defining your unique self. With dance, movement, and workshops, you will dig deep into your emotions and expose your inner strength and passion.


Is LifeDance only for women with dance experience?

Our dance methodology is designed so that everyone can participate. All the steps are easy to learn and easy to follow. If you have physical limitations we can try to accommodate. If you have a concern, let’s schedule a discussion over the phone.


What age of women can participate in LifeDance?

Our women range from 18 to 80. Everyone participates according to personal physical ability. As for the workshop and lecture component, everyone benefits, regardless of capability.


What is unique in the LifeDance method?

LifeDance is about transforming yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. It’s philosophically deep and the methodology touches every aspect of your life (weight loss is an added benefit).


What types of instructors are teaching LifeDance?

Unlike other programs, instructor training for LifeDance is a yearlong endeavor. The instructor course is intensive, combining dance techniques, philosophy, physiology, and other subjects.



Shira Robbins, Founder & CEO

Israeli phone: +972-54-7499-668


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