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Introduction to LifeDance and Shira's Story &

A 2 1/2 hour dynamic workshop


One of the following interactive workshops:


Interactive Workshop 1:

How to create our own happiness

First – understanding how our brain chemicals work – happiness, fear, and survival. Then – how do these affect our human responses? And finally – how we interpret our day-to-day life experiences.


Interactive Workshop 2

The art of decision making

Understanding the concept of decision-making and how it affects our personal lives day-to-day. We learn how to harmonize our personal emotions and intuitions in the framework of decision-making.


Interactive Workshop 3

A great listener

Listening is the basis for connecting with others.

So what are the tools for being a good listener?   And why is it that despite our intention to connect we experience conflict and detachment?

LifeDance will teach you how to listen attentively and how to enable others to do the same? 


Followed by:

Dance and Movement – LifeDance Experience

Akron Agenda
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