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A powerful and stimulating dance program developed in Israel exclusively for women

Empowering ● Transformative ● Stimulating ● Passionate

Reignite your inner strength

Explore your genuine passion

Connect with your womanhood

What is the LifeDance Program?

A 2½ hour program of dance, movement, and a stimulating mini-workshop.

What is special about the LifeDance method?

It is a dynamic and intensive dance method based on ten different dance styles from around the world with varying techniques, structured movement, improvisation, and freestyle.  The variation in mood and movement is an important part of the process. The method combines elements of psychology and other emotional triggers that stimulate our body and mind.

Who should participate?

All woman from ages 18 – 80.  No dance skills are necessary.

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Shira Robbins, Founder of LifeDance is interviewed on i24 News

A LifeDance Program in Tel Aviv

Who created LifeDance?

I’ve been dancing all my life with passion and commitment.

At age 18, I went into the Israeli army and put the 

world of dancing aside. Like my generation, I got married and had two children.

Several years ago, I divorced and became a single mother.  I felt my world collapsing. To feel alive and happy again, I went back to dance. It simply saved my life! I then realized that other women could benefit.

Sadly, non-professional dancers have few dance programs available where they can just dance and let it all out. So, I created LifeDance – for “lay” women of all ages and all backgrounds.  Today, there are over 90 branches throughout Israel with thousands of women enjoying LifeDance.      

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Shira Robbins

Founder & Creater of LifeDance

About the Program

The program includes:

  1. 2½ hour LifeDance Program that includes dance, movement, and an inspirational workshop.

  2. Can be hosted inside or outside

  3. Press kit

  4. During the months following the program: Video conference(s) with discussions between US participants and Israeli participants, bringing the women from both communities together and providing continuity.


In my Professional Opinion

In my Ph.D. research, I investigate learning processes that are unconscious to the learner. Having experienced LifeDance for some nine years, I have been exposed to an intensive learning process that intertwines body, mind, and soul. As a researcher, I’ve identified the influence of dance on nonverbal communication, creativity, and problem-solving. In addition to my findings, many studies show the positive effect of dance and movement on the brain and mind. The unique methods ascribed by LifeDance provide a perfect combination of learned dance routines and improvised exercises

Shira Cohen

Communication Disorders Therapist, Ph.D. Candidate, Tel Aviv University (Faculty Member)



What Participants Say

LifeDance has helped me to take personal responsibility – to accept the moment and better manage myself. I feel awakened, even if it sometimes feels unpleasant or uncomfortable. For me, it’s a day-to-day process that has taken many years and will continue for many years to come.

Sharona Atia


For me, LifeDance is a combination of everything! It’s movement of the mind and movement of the body. Each of the dance styles connects me with a melody that plays right through me. I have truly become the best version of myself. I have no more fears of just being me.

Amit Malka




Shira Robbins, Founder & CEO

Israeli phone: 972-50-767-8799




Susannah Foreman, US Director

Tel: 330-805-1434






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