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Why LifeDance is different
than anything you've experienced

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the “self-help” programs and “happiness” workshops it’s no wonder you’re confused.


At LifeDance, we offer something uniquely different - an intensive program focused on dance and movement. It’s collaborative and interactive, and it provides you with new tools to help navigate through your life.


For many, the program is life-changing. LifeDance is based on three interdependent components – THE TRIBE – OUR IDENTITY – and THE WHY.

All three will influence our life at some point or another, and when in

harmony, they contribute to a meaningful and connected life.


The Tribe

This is about creating and belonging to a trusted community where we have meaning as an individual. This is about our personal security in the world, whether at work, or amongst friends and family. It’s also about attracting people that are “right” for us.


Our Identity

This is about building our unique identity. It’s about detaching from our comfort zone and acknowledging our personal uniqueness. It’s about being creative - being different – and exploring the unknown. It’s about identifying who and what we want to be.



It’s a big question - WHY do we do what we do? This is about isolating the inner strength that gives us passion. When are we at our best? And finally, how can we allow our “bestness” to drive our life path and influence everyone and everything around us.

What will you befit in this workshop?

After 10 years of LIFEDANCE experience in Israel, Shira Robbins has addressed all of the integral questions. The answers will give you a good sense of why the LIFEDANCE program is so different.


You will be truly inspired.

Shira’s LIFEDANCE methodology has changed thousands of women throughout Israel. You’ll learn from Shira’s experiences – the ups and downs - and of course the triumphs. You’ll be inspired by her story and how she found new direction, meaning and growth in her personal life.


How can you benefit?

You’ll acquire new motivational tools to turn your wishes into reality!


You will realize meaning.

 With LIFEDANCE, you’ll realize the difference between what makes you happy and what gives your life meaning. In discovering the difference between the two, you’ll learn about the effect on your brain and your thinking. Finally, you’ll learn how to better balance between the two.


How can you benefit?

You’ll uncover a new power to change anything you put your mind to!


You will feel your body.

Through dance and movement, the LIFEDANCE methodology will connect you physically and emotionally like never before. You’ll experience dynamic dance, with amazing women, and with music that moves you – all without judgement. You’ll discover how to feel your body.


How can you benefit?

Dance like a girl, with the body/soul of a woman – just the way you are!


Create your creativity.

Not everyone is creative – but we can certainly create our own creativity. With LIFEDANCE you’ll find the tools to help you be more creative. And you’ll do it through dance and movement – pushing yourself to try new things and daring yourself to explore new areas of self.


How can you benefit?

Learn three basic tools to be more creative – in every aspect of your life.


Better decision-making. 

Hard to believe, but we make about 20,000 decisions a day! How do you know you made the right decision? How fearful are you to make the wrong decision? How afraid are you of failing? LIFEDANCE teaches valuable motivational tools to help you make the better decisions.


How can you benefit?

You’ll learn five tools for better decision making, change, and adapting.


Finding your "WHY" 

LIFEDANCE will help you to find your “WHY”. When you connect to your “WHY” you are happier, more vital, and more motivated. That's when we can all start to inspire others! This is an opportunity to define your personal "WHY" while you discover a newfound passion for life.


How can you benefit?

From start to finish, you’ll experience the process of finding your "WHY".


LIFEDANCE is your personal journey of mind, body, and emotion.

Through dance and movement, LIFEDANCE provides a unique opportunity to “dance through your life”. Combining physicality and psychology, you’ll uncover a new awareness of body and mind through the dance experience.


How can you benefit?

With new life tools in hand, you’ll leave the LIFEDANCE program with an ecstatic sense of self and new ways of creating the best version of yourself. It’s a unique and holistic approach to personal wellbeing that is unequalled.

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