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Miami Workshop November 13, 2019

Introduction to LifeDance and Shira's Story


7:30 PM

Doors open.  Mingling.  Meet your friends, colleagues, and Shira.


7:45 PM

Shira's Story: From the lows of depression to the highs of LifeDance 

We start with a brief biography about Shira and what motivated her to create LifeDance.   From grief and loneliness caused by a bitter divorce to the heights of creating LifeDance and becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

8:15 PM 

Dance and Movement – Experience LifeDance.

LifeDance is a program for women of all ages. It is about changing lives and empowering women. The method is designed for women who want to look inward, to find their passion, to self-reflect, to bring meaning to daily life, and to make choices out of strength, In every aspect of life - femininity, parenthood, professionalism, etc.
The LifeDance method is based on ten different dance styles and techniques.  All are simple dance routines that enable everyone to participate and follow.  We continue with improvisation and freestyle.  The comprehensive LifeDance methodology combines psychology, movement, self-awareness, and development.

The session is very dynamic, energetic and full of humour and passion.

9:45 PM 

Q & A 

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